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TweakBox is the app installer available for iOS devices, to get TweakBox download and install on your iOS device you don’t need to jailbreak your device. It is well known for all that since long we did not get any stable jailbreak tool when Apple launched iOS 10 last year along with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As Apple is not allowing any more jailbreak to their latest firmware, the developers have moved onto something which called Cydia alternative. Cydia is an app installer available for the jailbroken devices, undoubtedly we can say TweakBox is the best Cydia alternative available on the market. Since long we are habituated to get access to our favorite tweaked apps and games those Apple does not allow on their App Store even many paid apps are also available on Cydia for free of cost.
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Last year along with many other app installers TweakBox [Ext link]also launched, but the only thing which makes it distinguishable from other app installer is its wide range of contents those are updated on regular basis. Now to get TweakBox on your iOS device upgraded to latest firmware you don’t need to find any jailbreak tool, as it works on both the jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Here below we will show you how to download TweakBox on your iOS device.

TweakBox Features:

Before start TweakBox Download you should know what are the features we get on TweakBox, which makes it distinguishable from other app installers.

  • Easy to download.
  • Fast to install.
  • User-friendly interface.
  •  Simple to use.
  • Inbuilt cache.
  • A wide range of apps and games.
  • Regularly updated contents.
  • Super fast.
  • No jailbreak required.
  • Apple ID does not require.
  • Privacy is safe.

Configuration Profile Link

How to Download TweakBox:

There are two ways to download TweakBox on your iOS device, follow the steps below to get it on your iPhone or iPad. It is recommended not to skip any of the steps, otherwise, TweakBox will not be installed on your device. Make sure your device is connected to high-speed internet ( Cellular or Wi-Fi).

  1. Open Safari Browser on your iOS device.
  2. Now type into the URL.
  3. Tap on the above given Configuration Profile Link
  4. You need to Allow to go to Settings to show Configuration Profile.
  5. On the Settings page tap on Install.
  6. Put your device Passcode.
  7. From the pop-up window tap Install.
  8. Tap Done.
  9. TweakBox will be installed on your iOS device.

How to Fix TweakBox Error:

Once TweakBox is installed on your device, you may find errors in the app if you are not lucky enough. Basically there you will find two common types of error, but there is nothing to worry about as both the errors can be fixed following the below explained method.

  • Profile Installation Failed? Open the link to see how to fix it.
  • If the Installed app is not running then go to Settings > General > Profile and Device Management, find the TweakBox certificate and tap Trust on it.

Now both the errors will be fixed and TweakBox will work fine on your device installed.

Popular Apps on TweakBox:

We are listing below few popular apps available on TweakBox, for that you will see whether the app you are looking for since long is available here.


AirShou is the best screen recording app of all time which is available on TweakBox app store. AirShou allows you to record your iOs device screen without jailbreak. Once you have installed AirShou you will be able to record your device activity with HD quality video and can share it with your friends and dear ones, like if you are playing new games or you have done something new on your phone it is finger touch away to share the same. See here how to download Airshou [ Ext link] on your iOS device upgraded to latest firmware.


MovieBox is an app which allows you to get access to a wide range of HD quality videos without paying for it. Download MovieBox will allow you to see all the latest movies and Tv series in HD quality and the best part of the app is that you don’t need to pay any monthly subscription for the same. See here how you can download MovieBox [Ext link]on your device in detail without looking for the same anywhere else.

Snapchat Plus or Snapchat++:

There is no doubt that Snapchat is the most popular social networking among the teenagers, Snapchat can be downloaded from app Store itself but, we are going to tell you about Snapchat Plus or Snapchat++ which is not available on App Store. Snapchat Plus is a tweaked app which is available on Cydia but unfortunately, due to lack of jailbreak, there is no Cydia access. On Snapcha Plus you will get some customized features which Snapchat does not offer to their user. Here you can see how to download Sanapchat Plus [Ext link] without any jailbreak.

Spotify Plus or Spotify++:

Spotify is the largest music streaming apps available in the market, it provides you all the music you want to listen. To get the Spotify you will need to pay $9.99 which is expensive for the teenagers, and the free version is very annoying with lots of ads on it. Here comes Spotify Plus or Spotify ++ which is a tweaked app, it does not require your device to be jailbroken that means without Cydia access you can get it and it is completely free of cost. see how to get Spotify Plus [Ext link] on your iOs device.

Anti Revoke:

Anti Revoke  is an app which blocks the Apple server to get revoked your sideloaded apps, that means the apps you download from any other sources instead of App Store will get revoked in a certain period times, as Apple keep their constant eye on the user and they do not allow any third-party apps on their device, therefore you need to download Anti Revoke which will not allow the Apple server to revoke any of your sideloaded apps anymore. Here following the link you will get the complete guide to get Anti Revoke [Ext link] on your iOS device.

Alternatives to TweakBox:

There are many app installers available including TweakBox, we are explaining below few of them in a brief description which will help you to find out the most suitable for you or the one you are looking over the internet.


Emus4u allows the user to get all of their favorite apps and games without access to Cydia. You will get here all the emulators for your iOS device to play your favorite Retro and classic games. If want to Emus4u visits the link to get the best out of it.


AppValley is another app installer which replaced the Cydia when there is no available jailbreak for all the latest iOS versions. Get the full access to download AppValley on your device upgraded to the latest iOS firmware.

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